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    Pristeen Oil

    Quick Overview

    Our latest development of this herbal medicated oil to cure Psoriasis from its root.A highly effective formulation to clear the skin and provide relief from pain.

    There are no competitors for Pristeen Oil in the market of herbal products.

    Product Description

    The technology is supported and patented from Govt. of India (NRDC & CCRAS). The tested indications, suggested and recommended usage is for :- eczema, bacterial infection of the skin, candidiasis/dermatophytes, skin manifestation of Syphilis, Allergic manifestation, Sebarrhoic dermatitis, Reiter's syndrome.


    • Clinically evaluated for all types of Psoriasis, ichthyosis, ulcerative gingivitis, atopic dermatitis, fungal dermatitis, local application for first degree burns, dry skin and hair dandruff.



    Pristeen Oil comprises of the following ingredients
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