Lukono Syrup

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Lukono takes care of leucorrhoeal, irregular menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea, low back pain and a general tonic for females.

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Lukono Syrup

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Lukono Syrup (Developed for Export Markets)

A complete and Unique Composition of 20 Natural Herbs

Ashoka (Saraca-Indica)

Helps in Leucorrhoea, high blood pressure and general debility.

Satavari(Asparagus Racemosus)

Is anti-bacterial, anti fungal, improves complexion and helps in dysmenorrhea.

Bala (Sidda-Cordifolia)

Helps in leucorhheoa and act as a blood - purifier

Lodhra (Symplocus Racemosa)

Is an anti-leucorrhoeal, high and it helps in menorrhagia, wound healing and is a general tonic.

Lukono Syrup